Treasure Hunt

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Location: mcdonalds, beach, cave, chocolate

Name: donny, sue, suze, micah, lala

Appearance: curly hair & hat (prom character), chocolate, green shirt, stripes

Needs: love, wrist, hands, ankles

Unusual: chocolate, blood cells, plastic surgery, bowtie

Smell: poop, starburst, starbucks, lemon

Week 3 – Trimester 2

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My fear: that God doesn’t have it taken care of.

The truth: it is finished!

How am I feeling physically? 8

How am I feeling emotionally? 7

How is my mental state? 8


prosecution and defense –

Jesus and Holy Spirit pleading my case.

The accuser making accusation.

Father God says, “ENOUGH!… ”

He renders me not guilty.

Identity Statements

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  1. Identify all the being based words in the prophetic statements. What does God say you are? How does He describe you? Circle all these words.
  2. Make a list of the things God is saying about you. All identity focused. Can be as much as 5-20 words.
  3. Write a biographical statement/paragraph, using your list of words, of who heaven says you are. “I am…”
  4. In ministry, relate to each other how heaven says you are. Eg. Warrior. What’s the greater reality, heaven or earth? You have to choose which one you’ll choose.
  5. Read over your identity statement everyday until you believe. The faster you believe it, the quicker you’ll be doing it!
  6. Ask yourself, “if this is who I am, how am i going to love out this truth?”

adapted from teaching by Dan McCollum